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POSITION:  Head Coach, Men’s & Women’s Nordic Skiing


Reporting to the Athletic Director, the Head Coach of the Men’s & Women’s Nordic Skiing program is accountable for the over-all administration, financial management (in coordination with the Athletic Director) and development of the program, and responsible for the coaching of the Men’s & Women’s Nordic Skiing program at Laurentian University. The objective of the Head Coach will be to create an environment conducive to the development of athletes within a program which is integrally linked to the University. The Head Coach will guide the program in a manner, which is consistent with the values of Laurentian University, and in accordance to its mission.

The Men’s & Women’s Nordic Skiing program is an important part of and integrally linked to the Athletic Department. It is critical that the Head Coach adhere to the Department’s annual operational and planning cycles in order to ensure appropriate support and resources for the Program.

The main areas of Responsibility of the Head Coach are:
▪ Managing the program
▪ Successfully coaching the team
▪ Successfully recruiting student athletes
▪ Generating revenue through camps, league; guarantees and other initiatives
▪ Liaising with the community.


The Head Coach is expected to:

  1. Provide leadership to the ongoing development and success of the Men’s & Women’s Nordic Skiing program at Laurentian University.

  2. Work under the direction of the Athletic Director.

  3. Establish strong working relationships with other University departments in the achievement of the Program’s objectives.

  4. Use creativity in the development initiatives that will help finance the program.

  5. Provide guidance and support to students involved in the Program.

  6. Establish an Alumni Chapter and involve it in the development of the Program.

  7. Actively promote the Program.


The Head Coach is responsible for all the administrative, financial, and staffing requirements for the Program.


  1. Develop, implement and monitor the program’s annual plan.

  2. Prepare an annual estimate of program expenditures.

  3. Complete the team’s competitive schedule

  4. Develop the team’s facility requirements for the year and develop a plan to implement those needs with other coaches and staff.

  5. Coordinate team: travel, accommodation, equipment, uniforms, and audiovisual equipment in consultation with the Athletic Director and Administrative Assistant.

  6. Ensure the organization of all team related activities, including: training camps, practice sessions and other team functions.

  7. Supervise the coaching and support staff including; selection, delegation of responsibilities, and evaluation of performance.

  8. Ensure that the athlete eligibility requirements (both academic and doping), as set out by the OUA/U SPORTS and Laurentian University are understood by athletes.

  9. Provide assistance to players for any of their academic or domestic needs with assistance from Athletic Department staff.

The Head Coach will be responsible for creating an environment which is consistent with the values of Laurentian University and will foster the all-around development of the athletes in the program.


  1. Set annual program objectives which will motivate athletes to strive for their best potential performances both as a team and an individual.

  2. Develop:

    1. Annual training plans for the team and individual players,

    2. A team playing system which makes the best use of players talents,

    3. Strategies for each competition,

    4. Practice plans,

    5. Regular evaluation of progress through the review of team statistics and other   feedback,

  3. Coordinate the work of the coaching staff.

  4. Coordinate the participation of athletes in educational programs.

Following the values of the Laurentian University in terms of its educational mission, the Head Coach is responsible for recruiting players to the program, which will contribute to the realization of the program objectives.


  1. Plan a program of recruitment in consultation with the coaching staff, based on the team’s player needs for the coming season.

  2. Develop a recruiting package in coordination with the Marketing staff.

  3. Contact and liaise with potential recruits according to the OUA/U SPORTS and Laurentian University rules.

  4. Coordinate the efforts of all coaching staff and other recruiters associated with the team

  5. Communicate and liaise with the Admissions Office and University faculties regarding students who will be joining the Program.


  1. Work in cooperation with the Athletic Director.

  2. Develop a series of revenue generating projects which will be implemented as part of the annual plan (Camps, fundraising)

  3. Participate in or collaborate on a specified number of revenue generating projects conducted by the Athletic Department, as indicated in its annual plan, for the benefit of all interuniversity sports.

The Head Coach is responsible for the general promotion of the Program both internally and external which will benefit and support the program.


  1. Liaise with groups which can support the operation of the Program, such as: the university community, families of players, sport governing bodies, sponsors, coaches association, and the external community.

  2. Develop the support of the alumni such as: the organization of alumni events, communication with the alumni, alumni support groups, and alumni fundraising in cooperation with the Athletic Department staff

  3. Promote the Program at the University generally by activities such as attending banquets, and conducting clinics.

  4. Represent the University and the Program at conference and national meetings.

As assigned by the Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation.

January 1, 2019 - March 1, 2019
Stipend to be determined by experience

Please send a cover letter and resume by October 1, 2018 to:
Bryan Carruthers, Varsity Coordinator