CURL | Voyageurs Sweep Day 2, Currently Tied for 2nd

Photo by: Rob Blanchard Photography
Photo by: Rob Blanchard Photography

The Voyageurs hit the ice for day 2 of the U SPORTS Curling Championships on Saturday looking to build off of their momentum from Friday afternoon's win.


The first game of the day saw the blue and gold take on the Alberta Pandas (2-2) and the Voyageurs came flying out of the gates.  The team took full advantage of having hammer in the first end, translating that advantage into a 3-0 lead.  From there, the teams took turns trading points in each end until the eighth.  With her final stone, Kira Brunton hit the Alberta stone in the four foot and rolled over under cover.  Alberta was then forced to attempt a runback with their last but the run stone missed everything and the Voyageurs had the first steal of the game to go up by 3.


In the ninth end, the Voyageurs kept the pressure up, once again forcing the Pandas to run a stone back in an attempt to score multiple points.  While the Alberta shot was successful in removing the Voyageurs' stone, the spilled too far and the Panadas had to settle for a single, putting the Voyageurs up by a pair coming home with hammer.  From there it was a simple matter of arithmetic, as the Voyageurs ran the Pandas out of rocks and walked away with an 8-6 win.


In the second game of the day, the Voyageurs came up against the Mount Allison Mounties (1-3).  Compared to their morning draw, this match would begin very defensively.  After blanking the first end, Mount Allison attempted to blank the second as well but they couldn't roll away on their last shot and had to settle for a single.  After blanking the third, the Voyageurs got their deuce in the fourth.  Heading into the break, the Mounties were looking to score a massive end but, with her last, Brunton made a great double and only allowed Mount Allison to score a pair for a 3-2 lead.


After tying the game with a single in the 6th, the Voyageurs saw the game turn in their favour in the seventh.  With plenty of rocks in the house, the Mounties found themselves drawing against 3.  That draw, however, slid through the rings and the Voyageurs took a 3 point advantage into the eighth.  Once again, real estate was a hot commodity in the house and the Mounties were forced to hit a rock in the 12 foot and roll to the button to score.  The shot was made however the shot stone slide all the way across the house, giving the Voyageurs a steal of 4 and the win.


Now at 3-1, the Voyageurs get prepared to face off against the Dalhousie Tigers (4-0) and the Queen's Gaels (3-1) as they continue round robin play on Sunday.