SWIM | Women 1st, Men 2nd at LU Invitational

SWIM | Women 1st, Men 2nd at LU Invitational

The Voyageurs swim teams dove into the Jeno Tihanyi Olympic Gold Pool this weekend for their final tune-up before their divisional championships and came away with a number of impressive individual results.  Competing against Waterloo and Queen's, the women's squad went toe to toe with the Warriors all weekend, edging them out on Sunday for the team victory.  On the men's side, Waterloo jumped out to a comfortable lead after the first day of racing and sealed the deal on Sunday to take the title while the Voyageurs had to settle for second.


On the women's side, the team was led by first year swimmer, Carling Stever, who had first place finishes in the 400m freestyle, the 400m IM and the 800m freestyle relay to go along with second place finishes in the 200m backstroke and the 200m freestyle relay.


For the men, Matt Schouten led the charge with four first place finishes (50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 100m freestyle, 800m freestyle relay), a pair of seconds (200m freestyle relay, 50m butterfly) and a third (100m butterfly). 


Full team results and podium finishes for both the women and the men follow below.


The teams will next be in the water when they host the deBray Divisional Championships on Nov. 24 and 25.


Women Final Scores
LU - 978
Waterloo - 872
Queens - 402
Women Medalists
Riley Konrad 2nd 200 IM
Beth Robinson 3rd 200 IM
Kiana Deland 3rd 100 FR
Emily Barker 1st 200 FL
Ryllie Tryon 3rd 100 BK
Francesca Zammit-Maempel 2nd 50 FL
Erika Savage 3rd 50 FL
Carling Stever 1st 400 FR
Natalie Lefebvre 2nd 400 FR
Kiana Deland 3rd 400 FR
Carling Stever 1st 400 IM
Riley Konrad 2nd 400 IM
Ryllie Tryon 3rd 50 BK
Francesca Zammit-Maempel 2nd 100 FL
Riley Konrad 3rd 100 FL
Kiana Deland 2nd 200 FR
Natalie Lefebvre 3rd 200 FR
Carling Stever 2nd 200 BK
Erika Savage 2nd 50 FR
Francesca Zammit-Maempel 3rd 50 FR
Kiana Deland 1st 800 FR
Natalie Lefebvre 1st 1500 FR
Men Final Scores
Waterloo - 1223
Laurentian - 809.5
Queens - 640
Men Medalists
Matthew Schouten 1st 100 FR
Matthew Schouten 2nd 50 FL
Zach Shalovsky 3rd 50 FL
Chris Eastick 2nd 400 FR
Gabriel Fenn 2nd 400 IM
Matthew Schouten 1st 50 BK
Zach Shalovsky 3rd 50 BK
Matthew Schouten 3rd 100 FL
Matthew Schouten 1st 50 FR
Samuel Boily-Dufour 2nd 50 FR